Designing AV Furniture

to Suit Your Home in Hertfordshire

Want to make your home storage more appealing? Based in Ware, Hertfordshire, our skilled team create first-class fitted lounge units, ideal for storing or displaying AV equipment, ornaments, collections of DVDs, records and books. As accomplished manufacturers of bespoke AV units, Woodlands of Hertford pays close attention to your needs and builds all units to the highest possible standard. Get in touch today to find out more about how we can help.

AV Unit

Quality Features

Our AV units are designed to fit your home and, more importantly, your AV equipment. Whether it’s your games console, your speakers or your DVD collection, our beautifully engineered storage options include:

AV Units - Quality Features

  • Electric Touch-Open Drawers and Doors

  • Concealed Remote-Controlled TV Lifts

  • Spectacular LED Lighting

AV Unit

Custom Designs

As you can see to the left, in this instance, we manufactured a wall-hung AV unit made in the exact same laminate as the client's pool table. Whatever your needs, we construct made-to-measure units from any material. Units can be wall-hung, fitted or freestanding to suit your needs.

Stylish AV Units

Our bespoke AV furniture ranges from fitted lounge units to high-quality lighting options.

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